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Space-system engineers with Smart Enovations have wide range of expertise having worked in different disciplines with Indian Space Program and other space agencies like NASA and ESA. They are well versed in carrying out the conceptual and configuration design processes apart from the detailed design, virtual simulation and validation by testing besides strong expertise in project management.

Detailing is carried out by the teams well conversant in mechanical, materials and manufacturing processes using CAD, CAE and other mathematical software tools. Many of the team members have worked in Indian space programs and at customer sites who are well acquainted with the latest international practices and work culture.

Smart Enovations have the ability to provide services in the following areas of Space Systems -

  • Structures
  • Structural Analysis and Optimization
  • Deployment Mechanisms
  • Electronic Packages
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Ground handling systems


Spacecraft structures are derived from Senior Staff who have designed and developed structural platforms for host of satellites for Indian Space Programs related to Scientific, Remote sensing, Geo Stationary and Interplanetary Missions

Primary structure
Capability to develop ultra light CFRP composite structure as primary load carrying structure designed based on Quasi-static Acceleration loads during assent, stability as well as lateral stiffness requirement to meet the set frequency goals.

Development of CFRP composites for primary structure with designs using high strength and high modulus CFRP in composite construction consisting of

  • Design of Joints between metallic and composite components
  • Design of inserts to support equipments
  • Sensor housings and attachments for high pointing accuracies, Jitter and stability

Equipment Panels
Capability to design Honeycomb core sandwich construction with metallic and CFRP skins For housing large number of spacecraft subsystems. They are designed with sufficient out-of-plane stiffness to meet the frequency targets.

Specific expertise is available in the area of design and development of light weight spacecraft appendages in addition to analysis, testing and validation to meet the mission goals both for fixed and deployable appendages like Solar arrays, Reflectors, Solar sail, Sensors, Payload housings etc.,

Structural Analysis and Optimization

Smart Enovations have rich experience in performing static and dynamic analyses of Spacecraft structures to demonstrate the design margins and validate the design adequacy for various load cases as per Launcher requirements.

Capability to generate Mathematical models at subsystem and system levels from FE models using Craig-Bampton approach and to carry out correlation of the analytical models with test results at component and assembly levels.

Assembled mathematical models are used to predict realistic component loads during various phases of operations such as ground handling, transportation, launch and in-orbit phases and testing.

Deployment Mechanisms

Smart Enovations have the capability to perform Design, Analysis and Evaluation of deployment mechanisms including kinematic analysis of Linkages , loads estimation, deployment dynamics and interference studies for various types of mechanisms needed for -

  • Solar array Deployment,
  • Reflectors deployment mechanisms
  • Solar sail deployment mechanisms and specialized mechanisms for subsystems like, sensors and Payloads

Electronic Packages

Smart Enovations have the capability to provide design and evaluation support for the design of mechanical housings of the electronic packages. Their expertise lies in using the package design guidelines to begin with and validating the same by FEA in the following areas -

  • Identifying suitable Locations for fragile pay loads and electronic subsystems / components,
  • Sizing of the packages and mechanical housings
  • Design isolation systems for thermal and mechanical environment and generate Component procurement specifications


Test and Evaluation

Smart Enovations have rich experience in the development and establishment of test facilities with associated instrumentation for control and response measurement for the spacecraft environmental tests like Static test rig , Establishing Dynamic test facilities to simulate Sine, Random, SRS & Impulse excitations, Design and building high intensity Reverberation Chamber Acoustic Test facility with manual/automatic spectrum controls.

Rich experience exists in the meticulous planning and execution of various structural and thermal tests at sub system, sub assembly and integrated spacecraft level to perform the following test activities -

  • Static, Vibration, Acoustic and Shock testing
  • Planning of instrumentation for control and response measurement
  • Analysis of test results and extracting essential information
  • Teat & Analysis Correlation and bring out Test Correlated Mathematical model


Ground Systems

Smart Enovations team have rich experience in configuration and design of ground handling systems considering geometrical, operational and environmental constraints in which they have to perform. Team has specialized in the development of special purpose ground handling and transport containers during Surface, Rail, and Air transportation. Team has extensively worked in the development of shock and vibration isolators and Thermal protection systems.

  • Ground Handling Systems For Spacecraft and subsystems
  • Spacecraft Transportation containers (Road, Air and Rail)
  • Fuel loading systems
  • Physical Measurement and Balancing (CG, MI, Dynamic Balancing)

In order to minimize the loads experienced by the spacecraft sub systems like, Payloads, sensors, honeycomb equipment decks, payload platforms and the integrated spacecraft during various phases of assembly, ground handling and integration, design and development of environmentally controlled fixtures and Ground handling systems are essential. Team at Smart Enovations have carried out the design and development of ground handling fixtures in the following areas -

  • Spacecraft Assembly fixtures
  • Handling fixtures for Equipment decks, payload decks etc., during subsystem assembly
  • Payloads and Sensors Handling Fixtures with environmental controls
  • Ground Handling Fixtures during Spacecraft assembly and integration

Spacecraft Transportation containers
Smart Enovations team have worked in the areas of design and development of environmentally protected containers for transporting the fragile spacecraft subsystems from one facility to other and during transportation of spacecraft from facility to Launch pad by surface, rail or by air.

Following requirements are considered in the design and development -

  • Thermally protected container design with thermal insulators
  • Contamination control measures to all sensitive optical and payloads
  • Purging requirements in specific zones where joints are associated
  • Design of shock and vibration isolators to limit the loads experienced by the spacecraft
  • Built-in instrumentation to monitor the contamination ,temperature, input forces etc.,
  • Validate the isolator design by road tests

Physical Property measurement systems
Smart Enovations team was associated with the design and development of special purpose measuring systems including instrumentation and controls for the physical properties of sub-systems and integrated spacecraft. They include,

  • Launch vehicle Interface verification like, merman band tension, Bolt torque etc.,
  • Static envelope measuring setup
  • Dimensional measurements
  • Static and Dynamic balancing machines (Vertical)
  • Mass properties
  • Centre of Gravity measuring system
  • Mass Moment of Inertia measuring system


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