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Use of computerized simulation for virtual understanding of the product behavior in all design stages helps in quick and sound decision making. Our engineers build mathematical models and apply appropriate field theories to represent physical behavior using digital tools such as Computer aided Engineering, Finite Element Methods and Numerical Analysis techniques. The techniques listed below enhance dynamic simulation and efficient optimization.
  • CAE In all stages of product design
  • Effective use of Field theories
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Mathematical representation of physical behavior
  • Efficiency optimization
Virtual simulation during a Product Design phase helps to -
  • Cut down production costs,
  • Reduce developmental time necessary in designing a product,
  • Minimizes testing of expensive physical prototypes
  • Maximizes simulation of many design variants virtually
  • Helps in evolving a cost effective and optimized design solutions
 To assess the performance of products across the domains, Smart Enovations has the competence and expertise to work with different approaches like -
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness
  • Crash and Safety
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Thermal Engineering and Heat Transfer Analysis

Structural Mechanics

Smart Enovations has the competence and expertise to work with different approaches by Virtual simulation to assess the performance of products across the domains. Different approaches like Energy methods, Flexibility methods, Direct stiffness methods and Plastic analysis are used in the virtual simulation.

Simulations carried out at Smartenovations are -
  • Static strength, Durability and Inertia relief analyses
  • Linear and nonlinear analysis (geometric, boundary & material nonlinearities)
  • Dynamic / Durability Analysis
  • Contact analysis
  • Buckling Analysis – Stability Assessment
  • Structural Optimization (stress, frequency & displacement constraints)
  • Structural response to Dynamic excitations (Harmonic and Random)
  • Mold flow Analysis

Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Assessment of Noise, vibration and Harshness plays an important role for acceptance of the product and compliance with the safety regulations applicable in different countries.

Smart Enovations has the competence and expertise to implement different analytical approaches by Virtual simulation to assess the vibration and noise for the analysis and control of both interior and external vibration and noise.

Simulations carried out at Smartenovations are listed below,
  • Normal mode analysis
  • Frequency, transient and random response Analysis
  • Radiated noise assessment from vibrating structures
  • Measurement and analysis of vibration and Noise to map sources
  • Combined Experimental / Analytical Correlation
  • Shock and vibration Isolator design and assessment
  • Failure mode simulation and Analysis
  • Shock and vibration test setup design and analysis of results

Crash and Safety

We have capabaliity to perform Impact and Crash simulation with specific application to automotive domain to comply with safety regulations of different countries like, FMVSS, CMVSS, ESA etc,

Area of expertise available at Smart Enovations is listed below,
  • Crash simulation of front and rear bumpers
  • Pendulum impact simulation with different barrier positions/angles
  • Fuel rail crash and safety simulation
  • Head impact and HIC criteria simulation
  • Frontal Crash and Impact
  • Cargo retention test and simulation
  • Impact, Crash worthiness and Occupational safety Analysis
  • Offset crash simulation
  • Roll over simulation
  • Combined experimental and analysis correlation
Seats, Seat belts, Seat belt anchorages, etc., are safety critical items for the passenger in case of sudden acceleration/deceleration and accidents. Seat components, Head restraints, Seat assembly, Seat belt anchorage, Crashworthiness evaluation takes the lead to assess the safety and riding comfort of the vehicle users. Validating the design by virtual simulation for applicable safety regulations of different countries like, FMVSS, CMVSS, ESA etc, are mandatory.

Areas of expertise where Smart enovations has the expertise is listed below,
  • Quasi-static analysis FMVSS 207/210/202/202A
  • Static Anchorage strength test (FMVSS 207/210)
  • Simulation for Forward and Rearward Load
  • Head Restraints (FMVSS 202/202A)
  • Cushion frame transverse loading
  • Forward and Rearward crash simulation
  • Modal sensitivity and Frequency optimization
  • Mass Optimization
  • Test and Analysis Correlation

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Assessment of Fluid-Structure interaction to enhance performance plays an important role in the design both for internal and external flows by Computational fluid dynamics, CFD, which uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. Wind tunnels tests in industry compliment the CFD findings . Smartenovations has the competence and expertise to perform the CFD studies like

  • Aerodynamic design of wings and control surfaces
  • Performance enhancement with CFD studies
  • Aerofoil design and Analysis
  • Performance enhancements to delay flow separation
  • External CFD analysis – Reducing Drag
  • Flow analysis in radiator heat pipes

Thermal Engineering and Heat Transfer

Heat transfer and Thermo-elastic analysis is an important design area in all industries associated with conversion and exchange of thermal energy between physical systems. All the modes of heat transfer have been addressed by experts in Smart enovations.

Area of expertise available at Smart enovations is listed below,
  • Heat transfer analysis of Hydro-mounts
  • Forced convection and Conduction Heat transfer analysis
  • Conduction and Radiation heat transfer analysis of amplifiers
  • Thermal Creep analysis
  • Thermo elastic Analysis of automotive sub systems

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