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Smart Enovations deals with the complete product development cycle including hardware development, software development, desktop application development, product testing and maintenance. All our resources are well equipped with automotive domain knowledge, we have the capability to develop complete product or part of it. Our engineers are well trained and experienced in all of these service areas. We have a well developed process and quality control for all these areas to  assure you the best quality and timely delivery of the work.

The approach we adapt in the Electrical domain for complete product development are -

  • Requirement Capture & Analysis
  • Proof of concept & Simulation
  • Component Development
  • Hardware Design
  • Verification & Validation
  • Autosar Migration

Requirement capture & analysis

We work with you to understand the requirements, we use multiple elicitation technique based on the product to capture all requirements. We have good understanding of various regulations and industry standards. With good expertise in software development, our exposure to multiple requirement structure tools are also high. We can also help you in Re-Engineer Specification from a prototype and create perfect traceability start point. We can also assist you in designing requirements to testing tool chain with leveraging existing tools and technology that you have invested with.

We can carry out the activities like -

  • Benchmarking
  • Requirement Elicitation
  • QFD
  • Feasibility and Analysis 

Proof of concept & simulation

When you are embarking on new challenging technologies we can assist you with smaller part of proof of concepts or develop simultors for verifying concepts, Simulators could be desktop application using CAN or MOST or software Interfaces or hardware similators to support dSpace benches.

  • Proof of Concept
  • Circuit Simulation
  • Prototype build and test
  • System integration
  • Elect. architecture development

Component development

We have systems engineers and software developer who would work with your product teams in creating systems level requirements and software requirements, Given a software specification, we have expertise in developing multiple OS based applications. Our engineers have knowledge at Board Support Packages [ BSP], Infrastructure software and Application software. We also have expertize in delivering test simulators based on CAN/ LIN network and MOST / Ethernet based simulation components. We also maintain your DBC / FCAT for CAN and MOST networks.

We provide services in the areas of :

  • Part Development
  • Prototype build and test
  • Design Validation
  • Design Release

Hardware Design

Our team at Smart Enovations have the capability to carry out the hardware design in the areas of :

  • Circuit design and analysis
  • Functional Schematic
  • Wiring Harness Design
  • Part Management 

Verification & Validation

We work either as part of your team in validating a product / component or an independent software / hardware validation team in ensuring high quality products. Our expertise lies in the fact that Engineers that will validate the products have very good understanding of the automotive domain, They understand the basics of embedded and invehicle networks [ CAN, LIN, MOST and limited expertise in FlexRay] well. At the beginning of the project we will study the requirements and come up with a proposal to potential automation scope and manual testing scope. We have sound experience in various scripting to automate test cases, We also have expertise in vision based testing for components like infotainment, HUD and clusters.

  • Vehicle level test specifications
  • Validation plan
  • Validation plan
  • Certification 

Autosar Migration

We have pool of autosar experts, we can help you migrate your legacy operating system based product to Autosar compatible components. Our Autosar experts will work with you create gap analysis between your current artifacts / interface / components to Autosar standards. We also have expertise to integrate various components.Our engineers have worked extensively in creating Standard Utility Module.

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