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Case Study 1: SAP Support

Our SAP Basis Services helped a leading energy company based in USA make immediate and significant cost savings compared to employing on premise support staff. As part of the engagement we provided 24×7 proactive, strategic and tactical services leveraging highly experienced certified experts using SAP-certified tools and best practices. Our Remote SAP Basis Services addressed essential needs such as:

►         Application Availability
►         Routine Basis Administration Tasks
►         Transports and SAP Notes
►         Database backups setup, monitoring and retention
►         User id, authorization and role management
►         ABAP dump analysis and Issue Resolution
►         CCMS Monitoring and Alerting
►         Performance Monitoring
►         Client copies
►         System copies
►         Support Pack updates
►         Enhancement Package updates
►         Installations and Upgrades
►         Project Support
►         Architecture advice
In addition we helped staff PM, Consultants & ABAP Developers in various SAP modules - ERP, SCM and NetWeaver


Case Study 2: Oracle SCM Upgrade

As a joint engagement with a retailer in USA, we helped successfully migrate from Oracle R11 to R12. The joint team included Customer business and technology members. The deployment was done in phased manner while Ramping up the project over time to minimize resource burn, while staffing as needed to address project issues. We formally integrating the Knowledge Transfer process into the project and also integrating Change Management into the project plan. Working closely with the client involved utilizing common project management software “WHIZIBLE” to plan, manage, control and engage both business and project team. We utilized offshore resources to deliver key technical components in a timely, cost effective manner using best practices and prior engagement knowledge to deliver a stable and integrated systems


Case Study 3: Hadoop Implementation

Migrating Oracle Based ETL Pipelines to Hadoop /HDFS
Our Hadoop team helped migrated Oracle baed ETL pipelines to Hadoop / HDFS converting 200 SQL queries  to PIG, Map/Reduce Jobs to run on Hadoop. The requirement involved handling around 1T data per day. The team improved SLA times by tuning the PIG / Map/reduce jobs post migration. As part of the engagement we also provided training, and support on existing infrastructure on going basis.

Designed and Architected a Hadoop Based Data flow systems for BI and Operational Intelligence.
We developed a 300 node Hadoop Cluster system from scratch to handle hourly data flow rates at 500 GB per Hour and implemented custom framework with Oozie on top of Hadoop. We also provided monitoring and alerting based on JMX technologies onto HDFS APIs


Case Study 4: Cloud Implementation

Architecture and compliance :
As a subcontractor to a leading US organization, we designed openstack cluster layout  with a layer2 vpn between centers designating the role of bare metal nodes to cluster functions - cloud infrastructure nodes, openstack cloud controller, network controller, compute nodes, storage nodes etc.  We built and maintained the infrastructure nodes to provide infrastructure services for openstack clusters ( DNS, SMTP, firewall, puppet etc.). We defined the Architecture of network for vlan based multi-tenancy segmenting customer packets and operational packets and certified the clusters running them through ORR ( Operational Readiness Review ) with InfoSec and obtain FISMA moderate compliance. 

Our team also worked with technical writers  to develop customer guides and internal documentations. Implemented 5 such clusters across 2 centers. 

High Performance Clusters :
We designed and implemented the Dev, QA, UAT and Production openstack clusters starting with commodity bare metal, for conducting performance tests. We conducted burn-ins and performance tests to measure performance and develop performance strategies.

Technology evaluations :  
Our team contributed to developing the evaluation criteria. We evaluated commodity and vendor specific hardware against a set of criteria for operation, stability and performance to certify for cluster implementation.  We ran POCs on technology options for making design decisions and developing performance strategies. e.g :  iSCSI vs AOE, Jumbo frames etc. Also we built and ran KVM and XEN  based clusters using Google Ganeti for management to create infrastructure services for smaller clusters.


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