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Smart Enovations is a complete services provider from concept design to manufacturing support for various global automotive companies. Smart Enovations offers the expertise in complete vehicle development in all automotive segments with a unique combination of engineering skills, development experience and application know-how with a drive to innovate and create new products at sustainable cost. We have been providing engineering services to leading OEM's and Tier-I & Tier-II automakers across globe . Our innovative global product development process will help us deliver first time right products.

With our 25 years of experience in offshore engineering services, we offer different engagement models by providing services in benchmarking, concept engineering, design & development, virtual validation, prototyping, testing and supply of components.

Smart Enovations brings engineering innovations in various delivery processes involving concept design to delivery in different domain areas with a pool of subject matter experts in complete product design and engineering of the following Automotive domain areas both in commercial vehicles and passenger cars in the areas of -

  • Ergonomics & Homologation
  • Body-in white
  • Trims & Seating Systems
  • Chassis & Suspension
  • Power train Design
  • Brakes & Steering systems,
  • Electrical
  • Electronics and Embedded systems.

Ergonomics & Homologation

Smart Enovations has the capability and know how of international regulations and mandatory design requirements in various countries like FMVSS, ECE/ECC, JIS and NHTSA. we can assess all the homologation requirements at various stages of the product development in various aggregates. Our teams can suggest the best driver package accommodation based on the current design H-point and interior package taking in to considerations of comfort, reach, visibility and compliance to regulation. Based on customer requirements, We suggest best possible package based on given constrains, benchmark accommodation and best in class solutions for customers to choose from the following areas - 

  • Driver Seating Accommodation
  • Direct & Indirect Visibility
  • Reach & Clearance Analysis
  • Compliance check for ECE/ECC, FMVSS, JIS and CMVR

Body-in White

Smart Enovations has the best of the capability in BIW. Our resources have worked at different OEM’s across the globe with strong domain knowledge. They have designed Body systems with Monocoque structure with optimal load path and structural integrity. This results in a light, stiff and stable vehicle at high speeds and in tight corners. It also achieves a better front, side and roll over star ratings backed by a strong virtual validation team at every stage of body design for passenger cars.


Structure: Closures:
  • Skin Panels
  • Front end
  • Body sides
  • Dash panel
  • Roof & roof bows
  • Front and Rear floor Panels
  • A, B and C pillars
  • Front and rear door panels
  • Front bonnet and Rear boot (Trunk lid)


Trims & Seating Systems

Smart Enovations  has very strong capability and experience to design, develop and deliver complete Trim package from premium passenger car to commercial vehicles segment with an excellent plastic materials knowledge backed by engineering and mould flow analysis from concept phase till manufacturing support phase. Our subject matter experts coordinate with the customers, tooling and part suppliers at every stage of the product development to achieve the right fit and finish, backed by an excellent prototype fabrication facility which will help in reducing the product design cycle time and first time right finished product to customer.


Interior Trims Exterior Trims
  • Instrument panels, substrate and center Bezel
  • Head liner and Roof liners
  • Center console
  • Door trims, Sunblind's
  • A, B and C Pillar Trims
  • Partial Shelf
  • Boot Trims
  • Floor mat / carpet
  • Front and Rear Bumper
  • Door Liners and claddings
  • Front grill
  • Side mirrors
  • Rear spoiler
  • Ski-racks / carrier
  • Spare wheel cover

Seating Design 

  • Seating Frame and components
  • Foams, cushion and back rest
  • Seat adjustment and reclining mechanism


Chassis & Suspension systems

Smart Enovations has delivered Body (CIW) on chassis designs with proper mounting of aggregates e.g. engine, suspension, steering columns etc. These result in high strength and stiffness which enhance load carrying capacity of the vehicle. The performance of the body structure is validated by virtual validation methods.

Chassis Design

Body on Chassis System

  • Frame less system
    • Cradles
    • Engine, suspension & steering mount cradle
    • Rear suspension & rear axle mount cradle
    • Hydro formed cradles
  • Towing system
    • Front tow hooks
    • Rear towing attachments
  • Chassis frame design
    • Hard points definition
    • Crush cans
    • Body and Engine mounts
    • Steering system and Suspension brackets
    • Transmission mounts
    • Exhaust and Fuel tank mounts
    • Pipes & harnesses routing & attachment
    • Hydro formed side members


Power Train Design

Engineers at Smart Enovations have worked with various OEM’s in their assignments and gain very good exposure and experience in Transaxle & Power train and it’s subsystems packaging like gear box, air intake, exhaust systems etc., detail design of components and subsystems of Transaxle & Power train design in the areas of :

  • Casing and Gears,
  • Shafts, engaging gears, sleeves etc.
  • Bearing selection
  • Gear shifting mechanism
  • Cylinder head and Crank case
  • Connecting road

Brakes & Steering System

The design of a steering column must be looked at from two different perspectives. Firstly how the steering column performs during its normal operating cycle & Secondly during crash event. Different parameter like breakaway mechanism, Pivot, Structure and attachments place very important role in determining the best design of the steering. Smart Enovations was part of many projects in these relevant areas and our strength is in the areas of -


Brake System Design Steering System Design
  • Master cylinder
  • Wheel cylinder
  • Brake booster
  • Brake pedal
  • Linkages
  • Mounting brackets and brake caliper etc.
  • Steering column subassembly
  • Mounting brackets
  • Universal couplings
  • Tie rods

Electrical & Electronics Systems

Engineers at Smart Enovations use cross functional experience to design best of the electrical and electronic systems for an automobile. They deliver schematics, electrical harness and detail design of electrical systems. Embedded and electronic subsystems needed for control and functioning of various sub-systems are designed using modern software tools that are used currently.

Electrical Electronics
  • Schematics Design
  • Wiring Harness in 2D and 3D
  • Electrical Components selection
  • Instrumentation & control
  • Power Management
  • Body Electronics
  • Driver Assistance System
  • Vehicle Safety and security System
  • In-Vehicle Communication
  • Engine Management system 


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