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Smart Enovations has contributed to development of components for heavy equipments like Crushers, Road rollers, Drilling platforms, etc., Our engineers use their expertise to upgrade these equipments to new global standards by Re-engineering critical components.

We have the expertise in the areas like -

  • Structures & Exteriors
  • Cab
  • Power Trains
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Vehicle Engineering

Structures & Exteriors

Using modern design techniques and CAE methodologies our engineers have carried out:

  • Engineering of Hood, Fender and water tank inline with styling input
  • Frame Weldment design
  • Fluid tank design
  • Design of Engine / Drum mounting bracket
  • Analysis of components


Using modern design techniques and CAE methodologies our engineers have carried out:

  • Ergonomic study of operator area
  • Visibility study inline with international std
  • Design of operator platform and rail weldment.
  • Integration of ROPS/FOPS
  • Design of Deck and pedestal
  • Integration of seat assy. and side console.
  • Heat shield and sealing design to meet NVH requirement
  • Canopy design with styling


Power Trains

To meet new global standards for construction and infrastructure building equipment Smart Enovations engineers have actively contributed to:

  • Engine & Sub-system Selection & Integration.
  • Adaptation of Splitter gear box
  • Concept design of Engine mounts
  • Sizing and integration of cooling package
  • Exhaust after treatment devices and integration.
  • Selection of Hydraulic driven Fan for cooling system
  • Sizing, Material selection and routing of pipes for Cooling, air intake and exhaust


Smart Enovations (India) Pvt Ltd has adequate experience and capabilities in Fluid power engineering to take up:

  • Hydraulic architecture design
  • 3D routing and optimization of hydraulic system
  • Hose and end fitting selection
  • Selection of components based on application
  • Sizing of splitter gearbox, Tank and manifolds.

Electrical & Electronics

Our electrical and electronic engineers have expertise in providing design solutions to these systems for heavy equipment. We have delivered services for:

  • Architecture definition
  • Selection and specification finalization of components
  • Integration of components
  • Design and validation of circuit schematic.
  • Design and routing of harness using 3D tool
  • Proof of concept and simulation
  • Software development and testing

Vehicle Engineering

Engineering teams of Smart Enovations (India) Pvt Ltd have used modern CAE tools and methodologies to validate and improve performance of heavy equipments in the areas of:

  • Durability / Rigidity
  • NVH
  • CFD
  • Optimization

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