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Smart Enovations has expertise in providing system design, subsystems and component design to meet energy needs of the customers and Smart Enovations own product needs. These include feasibility study, energy audits, technology availability, component specifications and design of thermal, mechanical or electrical components. Continuous update of technical knowledge helps in improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Smart Enovations has focus on the following areas in energy sector with a special focus on development of innovative products in renewable energy sector using wind, solar and waste management.

  • Engines & Components
  • Turbine Components
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Thermal Cycles & Components

Engines & Components

Engineers at Smart Enovations have delivered services in the development of engine parts and associated mechanical components for the energy production units:

  1. Castings
    Our engineers have designed complex casted and moulded components used in IC Engines and Steam Turbines. Appropriate parting lines and drafts are provided for smooth removal of parts from moulds. Knowledge and experience of manufacturing techniques and limitations helps them to deliver manufacturable designs and drawings to the customer or production unit.
  2. Forgings
    Plastic flow characteristics of the material are used to design forged components for engines. Best orientation of the granularity is provided to derive maximum advantage from the material used.
  3. Analysis
    Close form solutions as well as advanced FEM techniques are used to predict the behaviour of components and assemblies in stationary as well as dynamic conditions. Adequacy of dimensions and clearances to meet functional and life expectancy criteria can be ascertained using these methods.

Turbine Components

Engineers at Smart Enovations have expertise and contributed to the development of turbines and various mechanical components needed for the power systems :

  1. Rotary Parts
    Shafts, spindles and gears are designed by our engineers to meet stringent dynamic loads and thermal environments in axial as well as centrifugal turbines.
  2. Plenum Chambers
    High pressure gas or vapour chambers to mitigate flow induced pressure fluctuations are designed to withstand high pressures at elevated temperatures. Designs are checked for appropriate joints to avoid leakages at high pressures and temperatures.
  3. Flow Control
    Appropriate flow control components e.g. valves and regulators are chosen from off the shelf components available in the market. Specifications for special purpose equipments needed for specialised applications can be provided to equipment manufacturers.
  4. Thermo-elastic Behaviour
    Thermo-elastic behaviour of various turbine components plays an important role in the functioning of the turbines. These have to be understood thoroughly to ascertain the performance of turbine during working life of the turbine. Classical as well as approximate methods e.g. FEM are used to predict this behaviour and the results are used by designers to improve the design.

Wind Power

In the sustainable energy solutions, wind energy forms a substantial contributor. Smart Enovations have expertise in developing Wind turbines suitable for a given environment and requirements

  1. HAWT
    Aerodynamic and structural design for different configurations of the horizontal axis wind turbine is carried out by our engineers. Design of composite blades as well as the related joints, bearings and mountings can be worked out.
  2. VAWT
    Innovative configurations of vertical axis wind turbines to suit different applications, depending on the need of the individual customer have been studied by our engineers. A suitable concept to optimize performance as well as cost is suggested. Aerodynamic as well as structural concepts and designs can be provided by our group.
  3. Performance / Economics
    Wind speeds vary in different regions as well as at different times. This results in varying efficiency and output of the turbine. In order to make a cost effective choice of the turbine extensive performance analysis of the turbine needs to be carried out using available wind maps of the location. Our engineers can carry out this analysis and suggest best economical localtion choice.

Solar Thermal Cycles & Components

Conversion of Solar energy to electrical power through a thermal route demands expertise in thermal engineering. Engineers at Smart Enovations have the necessary expertise in these areas:

  1. Thermodynamics
    Heat transfer analysis of overall system is carried out using thermodynamic analysis methods. These give indications of ideal outputs.
  2. Heat Exchangers
    Efficient design of heat exchangers is a key to optimizing output of a thermal system. Smart Enovations engineers have designed such exchangers for other applications.
  3. Condensers
    Smart Enovations engineers have developed expertise in designing condensers to convert the medium from vapor to liquid state.
  4. System Design
    Smart Enovations engineers can take up overall system design to generate power from solar energy.


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