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Our core team in Aeronautics have experienced individuals with PhD’s & Masters in Engineering from elite universities in India and abroad who have accumulated rich experience on various aerospace projects both within the country and outside. They are specialized in Structural, Mechanical, Thermal, Aerodynamic and Acoustic designs. Our team is capable of delivering the conceptual and configuration design process apart from the detailed design and validation by analysis and tests.

The quality of services and knowledge of international standards make them the right partners for customers to offload their jobs to augment design, analysis and technical solutions to their problems during exigencies. Our team provides cost-effective, value-added services to the Indian Aerospace industry and reaching out to the Aeronautical Industries worldwide for their Design & Development needs.

Aircraft group has specialists in Structural, Mechanical, Aerodynamic and Acoustic design. Many engineers in the group have worked at the customer sites in India and abroad and are well versed with the current international Aircraft practices. Given expected performance characteristics they work out the concept, configuration and aerodynamic options to meet customer expectations. Detailing using CAD, CAE and other mathematical software tools are carried out by the teams conversant in Aeronautics, mechanical, materials and manufacturing processes.



Our team has expertise to work in the following aircraft subsystems:


· Wing Design

· Fuselage

· Stub-wing

· Empennages

· Aerodynamics

· Unmanned Aerial Vehicle



Wing Design

Detail design of Aircraft wing is carried out from geometrical constraints (Aerofoil shape) and Numerical Master Geometry (NMG). The sizing of primary and secondary components is done for the specified aerodynamic, inertial and gust loads specified by aerodynamics team with appropriate load factors (as per the airworthiness standards, like FAR-25) for the design of various components / sub assemblies. Advanced high-end 3D CAD packages viz.; CATIA, I-DEAS, Pro-E and Uni Graphics have been used in designing and detailing various aircraft components and sub-assemblies from the NMG generated after satisfying the aerodynamic and flight performance phase.

The designs are validated and optimized using Structural, Thermal, aerodynamic and acoustic analysis to with stand applicable loads in different environments.  


Detail design of Fuselage consisting of bulkheads, Longerons, Stringers, Skin along with air ducts is carried out from geometrical constraints (Aerofoil shape) from NMG. The sizing of components is done for the specified aerodynamic, inertial and gust loads.

Major design activities performed by this team include, sub-assembly of doors, windows, air ducts empennages, engine mounts, landing gears, wing root attachments, passenger seats, cockpit components, ECS systems etc,.

Detailing of these components to suit assembly and manufacturing requirements are taken up in consultation with the various departments and production engineers. Design modifications are done appropriately after a detailed analysis through Finite Element Method.

The Fuselage designs are validated using Structural, Thermal, aerodynamic and acoustic analyses for the applicable loads in different environments.


Stub-wing structural assembly is similar to pylon structural designed for mounting the engine assembly.

Stub-wing plays an important role for the aft mounted engines of smaller passenger pusher type aircraft for better passenger comfort (from engine noise).

Usually this structural assembly is done similar to wing profile of airfoil cross-section to minimize drag. The design activities done under this sub-structural assembly within aerofoil shape constraints are,

  • Integrally machined spars.
  • Machined ribs and Sheet metal ribs.
  • Stiffened skin.
  • Nose and Aft channels for the leading edge and trailing edge
  • Engine mount brackets
  • Fuselage and Stub wing interface brackets



Empennages consists of Horizontal Tail , Vertical Fin, Ventral Fin and respective control surfaces which are designed with geometrical constraints (Aerofoil shape) from NMG considerations using semi-monocoque construction. Detail design process is done for the following major components,

  • Spars of both machined and sheet metal built-up construction
  • Ribs
  • Skin assemblies
  • Cut-out with stiffener design
  • Hinges for the control purposes

Other tasks involved are,

  • Load estimation
  • Evaluation of critical loads by SOM and FEM approach
  • Concept development
  • Design evaluation (Verification and Validation)



The Aerodynamic teams have the expertise and capabilities in the selection and sizing of Aerofoil sections from high lift and low drag considerations. Numerical Master Geometry (NMG) is generated after satisfying the aerodynamic and flight performance phases. Aerodynamic Studies were done by this team for various sub-assemblies of overall structure of Passenger / Transport aircraft.

The loads are derived by aerodynamic engineers are taken in to consideration with appropriate load factors (as per the airworthiness standards, like FAR-25) for the design of various components / sub assemblies.

The team also can perform Studies relating to suitability of aerofoil sections for different performance requirements

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The aircraft team has carried out design and product development of Unmanned Aerial vehicles. Engineers have worked closely with customers to understand the requirements of UAV and have successfully delivered the products with the designs validated by CAE and Tests.

Apart from Airframe, Empennages, Aerodynamics, etc, as in Aircraft, Smart Enovations has the ability to provide services in the control systems design and mechanisms for hold-down and controlled release.


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